Traffic Tickets



Getting a ticket for a driving violation in Howell can be frustrating. It can escalate into a situation that is both undesirable and expensive. Opening your wallet to pay for the speeding ticket is only part of the problem. Without a Howell traffic ticket lawyer for speeding ticket defense, it can also cost you points on your driver’s license. Points on your license can ensure you will be paying for higher auto insurance rates in the future. With the cost of auto insurance in Michigan being the highest in the US, spending even more on car insurance is frustrating.

When you receive a traffic ticket and acquire points, a certain number of points may accumulate.  It is then that the Secretary of State can revoke driving privileges, insurance companies may drop your insurance, and you could face other liabilities.

If you find yourself with a traffic ticket, call McCririe Law. One of our attorneys will negotiate on your behalf to prevent the points from being added to your record.  Hiring a Howell traffic ticket lawyer for a speeding ticket defense can reduce any penalties.  In addition, a lawyer will work with you to negotiate alternatives or even have the ticket dismissed.  Are you concerned about your ticket and points on your license? Then, let McCririe Law fight for you!

Traffic tickets pose a severe risk to your commercial driving license.  When employers hire CDL possessors, they seek to ensure they are hiring a responsible, safe driver. However, your CDL can potentially be revoked when you receive a traffic ticket, even if ticketed while driving your personal vehicle.  It can prevent you from being considered for future commercial driving positions.


A series of factors play into your CDL being revoked – the best way to navigate one of these difficult situations is to hire an attorney.  Your attorney will be able to inform you of the consequences of the ticket and negotiate for you to get a lesser charge if necessary. Call McCririe Law today for assistance with CDL Tickets.  We have the required experience to get the best possible results for you.