Expert Sexting Defense Attorney

Even though the public often congers up images of a creepy person that engages with child pornography, the age of the Smartphone has changed that stereotype. Now, a 17-year-old boy that receives a consensual nude image of his 16-year-old girlfriend, and does not delete it immediately, can be charged with possession of child pornography. If the boy sends it to his friend, he can be charged with the distribution of CSAM. Ironically, this same girl can legally consent to sexual intercourse with this boy, but can’t legally send sexually explicit pictures of her body to him 

There must be established intent to possess or access CSAM for it to be illegal. In other words, the defendant must knowingly possess child pornography. For instance, an individual that unintentionally finds child pornography, while surfing the internet for legal-adult pornography or unrelated content, isn’t violating the law. As you can see these types of cases can become complicated. 

If you are charged with child pornography, you need expert analysis of the case. Crimes involving children require special attention. Retaining a criminal defense lawyer that has knowledge of the court system, potential plea bargaining strategy, and trial experience is an absolute priority. Contact McCririe for a free consultation. We will explore all possible defenses.