Prostitution or Pandering

Expert Prostitution or Pandering Attorney

Prostitution is described as the act or occupation of engaging in sexual activities to obtain money for payment.  It often includes one person (acting as the employer) forcing, persuading, or encouraging another person to perform a sexual act. This is referred to as “pandering.”  

Even though it is a common thought that prostitution is a “victimless crime” in most instances, it is still illegal in Michigan.

 There are two terms that need to be looked at differently: Prostitution and Solicitation. Prostitution, as mentioned, refers to an actual act of exchanging money for a sexual act. Solicitation is different; it is propositioning another person to exchange a sexual act for money. Think of solicitation as intent for sex and of prostitution as the actual engagement of a sexual act.

There are many laws in Michigan that can affect different parties involved in the act of prostitution. As a result, the parties can be charged with different crimes and receive varying penalties.

For instance, a person older than 16 who is caught selling sex acts will more than likely only be charged with a misdemeanor. However, an adult buying those services can be charged with a felony.