Human Trafficking

Expert Human Trafficking Defense Attorney

If you have been accused of human trafficking, you need an experienced Howell criminal attorney with the ability to navigate this particular area of law. Human Trafficking can involve prostitution and includes other things such as forced labor, physical violence, threats, abuse, restraint against one’s will, and harm to a person’s mind/body. Although once thought to be an overseas problem, it is more and more frequently found here in America. 

Often human trafficking can include debt bondage which means that a person is held in slavery until payment of a debt has been paid back.  This is paid back through some sort of labor, such as prostitution.   Often the term of the payment is so vague that it is unclear when the debt is paid in full.   This increases the power of the person due the payment over the debtor.  

Recently, the media has brought this to the forefront of the public eye. Human Trafficking is illegal in the US and can be prosecuted severely depending on the crimes found. If you have been charged with human trafficking, you are in a serious situation that can affect your entire life. Contact Bill McCririe, a Howell criminal attorney with the experience to handle the specialized nature of human trafficking cases.