Child Molestation

Expert Child Molestation Defense Attorney

Indecent sexual conduct, involving a child, can be considered a sex offense called child molestation. It involves sexual activity between an adult and a prepubescent child. It is illegal for an adult to touch a child in any lewd or sexual manner, even if a child agrees to such conduct. The consent of a child is not a valid defense. The child is considered unable to provide legal consent to sexual activity. Adults, who work with children, especially on a daily basis, are at greater risk of being accused of child molestation. Any sexual relationship between teacher and students (of any age) is illegal.

Many clients charged with such crimes ask me, “How can I be charged with a crime if it is my word against another?” All it takes is a simple allegation – a single statement – from a person to get you charged. If the testimony is believed, it can get you convicted! Consequently, law enforcement does not need a medical exam, evidence, expert testimony or a polygraph, in the case of a minor, for someone to be charged with sexual molestation.  

Courts treat crimes involving children most seriously. Most crimes against children are considered felonies. A conviction would mean a felony record, jail and prison time, mandatory Sex Offender Registration (SORA), Lifetime Tether (electronic monitoring), and possible civil suits resulting in monetary restitution (payment). In addition, after the convicted are released from prison they must meet regularly meet with a probation officer and continue with mandatory counseling.  

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