Minor in Possession (MIP)

Expert Minor in Possession (MIP) Attorneys

The legal drinking age in Michigan is 21 years of age.  The State of Michigan prohibits an individual under the age of 21 from purchasing, attempting to purchase, consuming or attempting to consume, possessing or attempting to possess alcohol, or having any bodily alcohol content.

First Offense:  The first time a minor is found in possession of alcohol, he/she is charged with a civil infraction, may pay a fine, and be sentenced community service or substance abuse classes.  A civil infraction will appear on the driving record of the child.

Second  Offense: The second MIP can have more serious consequences – including a charge as a misdemeanor and a possibility of 30 days in jail in addition to probation and other fines.

A Minor in Possession  may be an indicator that the child has problems with mental illness or addiction.  With so much at stake, is important to hire an attorney with experience in the area of MIP.  McCririe has that experience!