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Any person accused of homicide in Michigan is facing a grave accusation. Your life changes instantly – Murder and Manslaughter are severe charges. If you have been charged, an investigation will ensue. That is when you will need to make a critical decision to hire an experienced criminal defense law firm to work with while the investigation progresses. McCririe Law is a premier criminal defense and is among the best trial attorneys in the state for murder charges.

It is important to note: If you are facing murder or manslaughter charges, you must not speak with the police without the presence of a skilled attorney. Stay silent and exercise your 5th amendment right because everything you say is against you in the case. McCririe Law will provide you with legal counsel to ensure you don’t fall for the interrogation and interviewing tactics the police often use during questioning. We will aggressively fight for you during all trial stages, including Pre-trial (Conference and Proceedings), trial, and post-trial processes. You will not be alone, and we will fight for you.

Michigan Murder Defense Attorney

McCririe Law is considered a premier law firm specializing in trials – defense homicide attorneys – for murder. Will will fight the homicide charges against you and fight for the best possible outcomes in your Michigan case.

Homicide is a felony offense in Michigan and includes both manslaughter and murder charges. Both are felonies with jail (or prison) time and hefty fines. Contact us with any manslaughter or homicide charge in the State of Michigan. It’s in your very best interest to find a qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney to discuss your options. Our attorneys at McCririe Law have worked on homicide cases for over 39 years and will fight for a fair outcome for you.

Legal Services For All Types of Homicide Charges

Other homicide charges include First Degree Murder, Second Degree Murder, and Manslaughter. McCririe is a premiere criminal law firm with trial experience in all the areas above.

First Degree Murder MCL 750.316 

First-degree murder is a charge that is carried out if the individual is found to have pre-mediated and had aforethought in an accused murder. It is an intentional murder with malice and motive in place. This homicide charge is the most “serious” of all murder charges and is only carried out when the prosecution can prove clear planning and willful intent to take another individual’s life. In the State of Michigan, it carries a penalty of life without possibility without parole. The State of Michigan does not have a death penalty, but if the case is tried in federal court, the defendant has a risk of facing the death penalty.


Felony Murder also carries a charge of first-degree murder. Felony murder is a charge enacted when an individual has committed a felony, and a life is lost- whether intentional or not. In Michigan, these felonies are classified as arson, criminal sexual conduct, controlled substance offenses, robbery, carjacking, home invasion, larceny or theft, extortion, and kidnapping. Even if the defendant had no intent to murder someone while committing these crimes, it still carries a first-degree murder charge, with the same penalty, life without the possibility of parole.

Second Degree Murder MCL 750.317

A second-degree murder charge is classified as an unplanned, but intentional murder. It is a crime of passion or reckless regard for human life. Second-degree murder charges are marked as not pre-meditated, but the defendant knows of their actions and is still committing murder. This charge does not include premeditation, unlike a charge of first-degree murder. The sentence for second-degree murder in the State of Michigan carries a penalty of 15 years to life in prison, with the possibility of parole.

Voluntary Manslaughter MCL 750.321

Manslaughter is classified as taking one’s life without malice. Voluntary Manslaughter is a murder committed with intent, and can often be confused with a second-degree murder charge. Voluntary Manslaughter is classified by heightened emotions and a crime of impulse caused by provocation, with no time elapsed to pre-meditate the murder. Voluntary Manslaughter carries a penalty of jail time up to 15 years and fines up to $7,500.

Involuntary Manslaughter MCL 750.321

Involuntary Manslaughter occurs when an individual dies due to the defendant’s negligence. Involuntary Manslaughter is different from the above charges because there was no intent to take another’s life, but life is still ultimately taken due to reckless actions. This also includes crimes committed from minor criminal negligence charges, such as low-level felonies, as well as misdemeanors, such as operating their vehicle over the legal limit. If the defendant is charged with Involuntary Manslaughter, it carries a sentence of up to 15 years and $7,500 in fines.

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Fight back against your homicide charges. McCririe Law is well known for its criminal and homicide defense attorneys in Livingston County. We will give you the individual attention you need while fighting your case. Contact us with your murder and manslaughter charges in Michigan to protect your freedoms – give yourself the edge you need when facing a homicide charge.

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