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Assistant Prosecutor for 16 years 
Licensed to practice in the United States Supreme Court 
Licensed in United States District Court – Western & Eastern Division
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Criminal & Divorce Attorneys

Bill McCririe has been fighting for his clients for over 39 years. He is one of the leading attorneys in Criminal Law and Divorce in Livingston County.  As a former assistant prosecutor for 16 years, he knows how to navigate the Judicial System, and has the trial experience other attorneys lack.  Meaning he has been both a prosecuting and defense attorney so he has trial experience from both sides.  If you are in trouble with the law, you will need an aggressive criminal defense lawyer that is willing to fight for you.

D. Brewer

McCririe Law has an outstanding and knowledgeable staff. You could never have a better team representing you if you are in need of legal services. Bill McCririe is the LAWYER you want on your side . Always hire the BEST

B. Amadeo

Learned a lot, may be the best trial lawyer that I’ve seen.

Jenn Alder

McCririe Law is amazing!! You always think in life “I won’t ever need a lawyer, I don’t do anything wrong!” But when you mess up one time and need a GREAT lawyer to have your back Bill McCririe is definitely your guy! When I needed someone he was there and he had my back the whole time I used him.

Dale Brewer

McCririe Law, has the most knowledge and trained staff and attorneys in Livingston County. Always reach out for the BEST if you need an attorney.

R. Ramirez

Great lawyer with impressive courtroom skills. I was super nervous during my divorce, and with Bill as my lawyer I didn’t need to be… I highly recommend him!


McCririe Law is a full-service Law Office.  In addition to Bill McCririe, we have a staff of 5 experienced legal professionals to assist you with criminal defense and divorce in Howell.

Don’t go to court – where your life, liberty, property and children are at risk – without the best legal representation, McCririe Law.

If you have been pulled over for driving after drinking more alcohol than the legally allowable in Michigan, you will be charged with a DUI or, in other words, an OWI.
Dividing up one life into two — especially when there are children involved — is a difficult and emotionally draining process.
Criminal Defense
If you’re involved with the police, charged with a crime, or in custody, you want and need the very best attorney around to represent you. Call us right away!
Domestic Violence
Domestic violence cases, which can boil down to “he said, she said,” are complex and sensitive, and they need an experienced, skilled hand to ensure justice prevails.
Sex Crimes
Any sex crime or sexual offense is treated very seriously by the judicial system.
Child Abuse
Physical harm to a child can include any non-accidental injury that impairs the child’s health or physical well being.
Juvenile Crimes
A convicted crime for a juvenile, like a minor in possession charge in Howell, includes a criminal record.
Drug Crimes
Drug Crimes are serious offenses and can serve serious punishments.
Meet Bill McCririe

Bill McCririe is an experienced Howell criminal defense lawyer and divorce attorney and his areas of practice include Drunk Driving (DUI), Drug Driving, Felony, Homicide, Murder, Misdemeanor, Domestic Violence, Sex Crimes, Assault, Traffic Tickets, Juvenile Matters, and Minor In Possession.

Other areas of his practice are Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Paternity, Spousal Support, Post Judgment enforcement, Post Judgment Changes and Modifications, Separate Maintenance Agreement, and Personal Protection Orders.

McCririe will help you navigate through your case, and will fight for the best possible outcome. He has a proven track record as a criminal defense lawyer and divorce attorney and he will take off the gloves for you.

Help is Here

If If you hire Mcririe Law PLLC, the Former Senior Trial Attorney in the Livingston County Prosecutor’s Office is Now Fighting for You

When the case cannot be resolved except by trial, you need an experienced trial attorney on your side. The reputation of your lawyer plays a critical part in the success of your trial.

Having a former prosecutor from Livingston County on your side is an ace in your hand. Bill McCririe has the necessary experience to represent you at a critical time in your life. He has a reputation, throughout the county, as being fierce in the courtroom.

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