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McCririe Law Provides Legal Services to Pinckney, Michigan and Hamburg, Michigan

McCririe Law is committed to our clients to give the best legal counsel services on all matters of criminal law, divorce, family law (including custody and child support), expungement, juvenile crimes, DUI, traffic violations. We also service the surrounding areas of Pinckney and Hamburg; being located in Howell, we have a great connection to each location.

We understand the legal challenges that face people: we know that there are two sides to every story. Let us hear your side. We are experienced and skilled trial attorneys and will fight for you in the courtroom if necessary. Contact McCririe Law at 810-229-6167 for a free consultation without obligation. We also offer payment plans.

Reasons Residents in Pinckney and Hamburg Choose Us

Bill McCririe has over 40 years as a defense and trial attorney. Additionally, Bill was the Senior Trial Attorney for Livingston County Prosecutor’s Office for 16 years. He has overseen thousands of trial cases. He and his team are equally skilled in divorce and family law, as well as other areas. Our office understands that you can find yourself suddenly in a challenging, unexpected legal situation. Often, it is then that you need legal help. Sometimes, you aren’t sure where to begin. That is when we step in. McCririe law is there to walk you through every stage of the charge and court process. Bill McCririe is known as a tough, intelligent attorney. He is known to take the gloves off when fighting for his clients. That’s why you’re never alone when you hire McCririe Law!

If you have been pulled over for driving after drinking more alcohol than the legally allowable in Michigan, you will be charged with a DUI or, in other words, an OWI.
Dividing up one life into two — especially when there are children involved — is a difficult and emotionally draining process.
Criminal Defense
If you’re involved with the police, charged with a crime, or in custody, you want and need the very best attorney around to represent you. Call us right away!
Domestic Violence
Domestic violence cases, which can boil down to “he said, she said,” are complex and sensitive, and they need an experienced, skilled hand to ensure justice prevails.
Sex Crimes
Any sex crime or sexual offense is treated very seriously by the judicial system.
Child Abuse
Physical harm to a child can include any non-accidental injury that impairs the child’s health or physical well being.
Juvenile Crimes
A convicted crime for a juvenile, like a minor in possession charge in Howell, includes a criminal record.
Drug Crimes
Drug Crimes are serious offenses and can serve serious punishments.