Covid has made it difficult for the courts and parties to be accurately scheduled. We are finding that there is a backlog of files. By using zoom, the courts are frequently rescheduling to accommodate multiple people in the virtual courtroom. At the same time, we also find it is difficult to change a date. If you need to change a date, we need at least two weeks notice. Understand, sometimes the court will allow a change of time/date; other times, the court won’t allow us to change the date. We are at the mercy of the court system.

Tell the person serving the papers that you have an attorney, and you’d like your attorney to be served.

Preferably, explain this through the door (if the documents touch you, you are considered served). If we are served, we have all the paperwork necessary and can best address the legal issues at hand, as well as, and we can meet the court’s deadlines for responding to the served paperwork.

We have seen process servers throw paperwork through a cracked window of a car. Anyone can serve papers if they are over the age of 18 and not a party to the divorce. It is important that the papers aren’t touched.

Don’t let the paperwork touch you. Don’t open the door. You can text your ex that you have an attorney.

McCririe law is set up to send and receive text messages to our main phone number, 810-229-6167, which the attorneys and staff can see in real-time. If it’s an emergency, we will reach out immediately. Otherwise, present the question through texting, and we will reach out accordingly.

We understand that there are times you want a face-to-face meeting with your attorney. In that case, please call the office and indicate why you’d like an appointment and what you’d like to address. Please know, even though a large portion of the court is virtual, our attorneys need a scheduled meeting to be seen. Both attorneys, Bill McCririe and Ashley Chalut, are available to answer questions.

In some cases, we will take payment plans toward your retainer based on the circumstances. Additionally, we are happy to work with you on making payments towards any costs incurred after the retainer is paid in full.

We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. You can make credit card payments to McCririe Law on our website through the PAY NOW tab. Once you click on the tab, enter your payment information on the secure LawPay page.

In domestic violence situations, please consult us to discuss your matter immediately. Please remember that the first consultation is free.