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Divorce is a complicated, emotional and demanding matter both legally and personally. Dividing up one life into two — especially when child custody is involved — is a difficult and emotionally draining process. Closing the door on a marriage opens another into a brave, new world; you may feel like you’re balancing on a tightrope with no net below to catch you.

Your final divorce decree can be just the beginning of a whole lot of fresh legal problems and personal frustrations. Your ex-spouse may demand changes in your custody agreement, or may violate it altogether. Perhaps your ex quits paying the child and spousal support you need to survive. You may feel powerless and alone as your new beginning of life turns into an ugly, emotional battlefield.

You need to obtain a Howell divorce lawyer and family law attorney that understands the areas of concern you may face your during separation and divorce.

What are areas of importance during the divorce & separation process?

Areas of concern for your divorce & family attorney should be: child custody, child support, paternity, spousal support, post judgement enforcements, post judgement changes/modifications, separate maintenance agreement, and personal protection orders (PPO).  A good attorney will know if these areas apply and help you navigate them.

You don’t have to fight this war alone. You can hire Howell divorce & family law attorney Bill McCririe to fight it for you.

To expedite the divorce process, please download and complete the CC 320 form below ASAP.

Child Custody & Support

During a divorce, parents must consider the best interests their child(ren).  This includes Child Custody, which determines the legal arrangements of a child’s physical residence, as well as time spent with a parent.  It also includes, Child Support, which legally dictates the financial support a parent receives from the other parent during the years the child is in school – usually until the high school graduation of the child.

NOTE: The divorce attorneys at McCririe Law, feel that child custody and support is so important, that we have dedicated a page for it on this website.  Please read further about these important issues in the Child Custody and Child Support section.

Spousal Support

In a divorce you may need to determine whether you can obtain spousal support from your ex.  Spousal support is the legal financial obligation a spouse has to the other spouse before/after a legal separation or divorce.  It’s main objective: make sure that either of the spouses do not become impoverished due to a divorce. Some things that the court will look at to determine spousal support are the length of the marriage, income, any degrees, age, health, ability to work and financial obligations (to name a few).   A skilled family law attorney, such as Bill McCririe, will ensure that your best interests are considered and you get the support you deserve.

Post Judgment Enforcements

Obtaining a judgment lawsuit is the easiest way to collect debt.  Once the debt is collected, it’s up to the creditor to enforce it, and collect the money that’s due.  If the debtor involved, refuses or is unable to pay, you may be able to collect the money in other ways such as the debtor’s assets.

Post Judgment Changes/Modifications

Sometimes after a divorce or any other sensitive legal matter, you’ll need negotiation or another type of agreement after adjudication. Changes in circumstance (like finances, location, marriages/divorces, etc.) can be some basis for a post judgement modification. Here, at McCririe Law PLLC we can help you with this complicated (and sometimes difficult under Michigan law) process, so it is all smooth sailing for you.

Separate Maintenance Agreement

Sometimes, when couples don’t want to divorce, but just need separation, they will enter what is called a Separate Maintenance Agreement. This arrangement is similar to alimony, but the spouse will support the other through, before, and after the separation. Legal separation does not include divorce.  Most times couples legally separate for religious reasons, or the fact that the couple would still like to receive both health and tax benefits.  McCririe Law can assist you with the separation process.

Personal Protection Orders (PPO)

A PPO is a court order to stop threats or violence against you.  This may be necessary during a separation or divorce, especially in marriages involving domestic violence.  McCririe Law can assist you with obtaining PPOs and other helpful documents.  Perhaps, you have been served a restraining order, in that case, Bill McCririe can help you defend yourself.

A former Livingston County assistant prosecutor, Bill McCririe has thousands of hours of invaluable courtroom experience he’ll put to use fighting your divorce battles for you.  He’s the secret weapon you need in your corner because he’s not afraid to take your battle to court.  McCririe is a family law attorney, located in Howell, will protect your interests.

The information on this website is for general information purposes only. Nothing on this site should be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation. This information is not intended to create, and receipt or viewing does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship.


Tell the person serving the papers that you have an attorney, and you’d like your attorney to be served.

Preferably, explain this through the door (if the documents touch you, you are considered served). If we are served, we have all the paperwork necessary and can best address the legal issues at hand, as well as, and we can meet the court’s deadlines for responding to the served paperwork.

We have seen process servers throw paperwork through a cracked window of a car. Anyone can serve papers if they are over the age of 18 and not a party to the divorce. It is important that the papers aren’t touched.

Don’t let the paperwork touch you. Don’t open the door. You can text your ex that you have an attorney.

McCririe Law has assisted clients through thousands of divorces, and we understand the pressure of a divorce. You want it done as quickly as possible so that you can get on with life. For that reason, we have a list that will be helpful to you during the divorce process:

1) Have your account statements ready from the last year

2) Know about any wills or trusts in which you are listed as a beneficiary?

3) Fill out the CC320 Form ASAP (on our Divorce Page)

4) Be flexible about dates for mediation and court

5) Listen to your attorney and do what is advised

6) Please know a divorce with children has a mandatory waiting period under Michigan law of 6 months, and divorce without children has a 90 day waiting period.

7) Be patient and understand that dates can and will change due to Covid

It may sound cliche, but we advise “Carefully.” Narcissists and physical abusers can be tough to leave. McCririe Law has experience with divorce in an abusive marriage situation; equally important is that our attorneys are trial experienced. These types of divorces are not an easy process, but we can – and will – fight for you. Please read our blog, which gives you valuable suggestions to leave an abusive marriage.

Spousal support assists in the financial support of a party after a divorce. In Michigan, there are guidelines to determine qualification and payout amounts. Please read our blog to learn more on this subject.

Sites like Venmo, Cash App, Paypal, Zelle and other third-party money holders are discoverable accounts.  If you think your spouse is using these, please inform us immediately.  There are reasons why this information is important to your divorce.

In Michigan, the courts determine such things as custody, parenting time, child care, and guardianship based on 12 primary factors. This is critical if you are going through a divorce and have children. Learn more by clicking on our blog discussing these factors.

A Personal Protective order is implemented when you feel your life or wellbeing is in jeopardy. If you feel threatened by a partner or spouse, a domestic protection order should be in place. Contact us for legal advice regarding how to protect yourself best.

The first thing is to know is don’t panic if you aren’t aware of all the assets in your marriage.  We have ways to find out that type of financial information.