Criminal Defense

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys

Being charged with a crime is an extremely stressful event.  Your whole life is suddenly turned upside down and your future can look grim.  It is extremely important to hire a Howell criminal defense attorney that is trial seasoned.  That attorney needs to be willing to learn your unique case, KNOWS the law, can strategize, and is willing to take off the gloves for you. If you are experiencing felony charges against you, YOU need an expert Howell criminal defense attorney.  You need McCririe Law!

You want someone smart. You want someone tough. You want someone with a wide breadth of experience with criminal cases and felony charges. You want someone who will be in your corner -exclusively.

What you don’t want is a lawyer who will make a deal for expediency’s  sake. You want a fighter on your side, someone who is not afraid of taking your case to court. You want someone fearless.

You want Bill McCririe

He’s the tough, seasoned fighter who will put his  years and thousands of cases as a Livingston County prosecutor to use vigorously defending you. He understands well how the legal system works, and he puts his knowledge and skill to work getting the best result possible for you. No one in the Livingston County area is more uniquely qualified to battle for you in a court of law.

Bill McCririe works with you wherever you are, and he and his staff are always easily accessible

If you are involved with the police or have reason to believe you will be, the worst thing you can do is wait until you’re charged with a felony to call Bill McCririe. Even if police want to interview you about a crime, remember that you are entitled to have a criminal defense attorney present.  Make the wise decision and call Bill McCririe in Howell to ensure that your rights are preserved and your interests well-represented, before you talk to the police or anyone.


If you are facing criminal charges, it’s essential to know that McCririe Law will walk you through each step of the legal process. Learn more about these steps here:

Typical terms of your bond or probation are that you cannot leave Michigan. Additionally, you cannot consume drugs, controlled substances, or alcohol. Random testing is required. And, understand that these terms are subject to change – or additional terms are added – depending on the case, charges, and court discretion.

NO! If you are a suspect of a crime, get an attorney immediately and politely decline any interview with police until you have advised with your criminal defense lawyer.  You can read more about this in our blog.

While at first thought, many parents think, “Kids will be kids,” and a tiff at school as being normal, it can have serious legal repercussions.  Please read more in our blog