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Child Support

Passionate Child Support Attorneys

Child Support is a concern during a divorce, and can impact your child’s financial wellbeing.   It factors in the income of each parent, number of children needing support, day care/health insurance/and any special need costs, support obligations to other children from other relationships, and the details of your child custody agreement.  McCririe Law feels child support is much more than just having enough money to meet bills.

Yes, child support assists with the financial cost with raising a child, but it also has a mental and emotional  importance for your child. The non-custodial parent has to be in the life of the child in whatever way is worked out between the parents  Studies have found children with both parents invested in their life have more physical and emotional security.

Bill McCririe will advocate for your best interest and that of your child(ren).  You want legal counsel that will put your family first.  When it comes to child support, physical custody, or legal custody issues, McCririe Law will fight hard for you.   Call McCririe Law now to schedule a free consultation.