Child Custody

Passionate Child Custody Attorneys

Child Custody comes into play after parenting couples have become legally separated, divorced, or as a result of a paternity decree. Custody cases may include either married or never married parents. Two types of custody are physical and legal custody.

Physical Custody dictates where the child will live and his/her everyday care. It includes the amount of time one can physically spend with his/her child. Physical Custody judgments can be sole, primary, or joint custody. Sole custody means the child lives with one parent. This may be a necessary arrangement if there is physical or emotional abuse and/or neglect toward the child from one parent. Primary custody means that the child lives with one parent for the majority of the time. Joint custody, which is common in most Michigan cases, means the child equally shares time living with both parents.

Legal Custody refers to a parent’s right in making decisions for a child. These decisions can include the child’s health, education, religion, and general welfare. Legal custody also includes primary or joint custody arrangements. These arrangements are often determined by the court after reviewing each parent’s involvement in their child’s life. Sole legal custody would entail one parent being responsible for all decisions regarding the child’s life. Whereas, joint legal custody allows the parents to co-parent in regards to such decisions.