Child Custody

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Child Custody is generally a concern of parents that have become legally separated, divorced, or as a result of a paternity decree where the biological father is identified. A mother or father is often concerned about where their child will reside and who will care for him/her. Both married and never-married parents can be involved in a child custody case. Physical and legal custody of the children is determined during child custody proceedings.

Physical Custody Where will your child live? What will be his/her everyday care arrangements? Physical custody will answer those questions. It includes the amount of time each parent can physically spend with his/her child. There are three physical-custody judgments: sole, primary, or joint custody. Sole custody means the child lives with only one parent. Sole-custody arrangements may be necessary if there is physical or emotional abuse and/or neglect toward the child from one parent. In a sole custody situation, the other parent may have visitation rights, which is determined by a judge. Primary custody means that the child lives with one parent most of the time. In Michigan, joint custody is the most common physical-custody arrangement. Sometimes joint custody is referred to as “shared custody.” It is the determination that the child equally shares time living with both parents. An example would be the child lives with one parent or the other on alternating weeks.

Legal Custody refers to a parent’s right when making decisions for a child. These decisions can include a child’s health, education, religion, and general welfare. For instance, does a child attend public or religious school? Legal custody includes primary or joint custody arrangements of a child. Courts research and review each parents’ involvement in their child’s life. Sole legal custody makes one parent responsible for all decisions regarding his/her child’s life. Joint legal custody allows the parents to co-parent with regard to such decisions.

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