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Child Custody

Passionate Child Custody Attorneys

Child Custody refers to the rights and obligations between parents, regarding their children, after the following:  a divorce, legal separation, or paternity decree.  A child custody case may include either married or never married parents.  There are two types of custody: physical and legal custody.

Physical Custody refers to the amount of time each parent is permitted physically with a child.  This may be sole, primary, or joint custody. The physical custody arrangements dictate where the child will live and his/her everyday care.

Legal Custody refers to a parent’s decision-making rights regarding a child’s health, education, and welfare.  It can include primary or joint custody arrangements. Frequently, the Court designates one parent as the primary physical custodian, giving the other parent a schedule of temporary custody and visitation.  Sometimes the Court orders a joint legal and physical custody arrangement. This means each parent has substantial access to their children.