Police officer arrests the driver violator on road

I have a good friend and retired Judge who often asks, “Where does one go to get a good reputation back? You know, you can’t unring a bell!”

These are pretty profound thoughts when thought of in light of the law and the judicial system. The truth is my friend’s statement applies directly to criminal defense law.


Here’s how :

If you say anything incriminating (intensional or not), you can’t take it back. In other words, you can’t “unring a bell.” It’s out there, and there’s no denying it. Let me explain further.

All of you have heard me say it over and over again, and I can’t say it often enough, never talk to the police without an experienced criminal defense attorney present even if you have not done anything wrong.


I had it happen again last week to a great person. The police had a few questions to “clear things up” and close the case. Now, what could be wrong with that? Everything! Remember, the police can and do lie to you as part of their investigation. The police would not be coming to see you to get you off of a crime; they are there to get information to CHARGE you with a crime.

The truth is that many people charged with a crime think that meeting with the police and answering their questions is obligatory. That type of thinking will get many people into immediate legal trouble.

My client’s family contacted me and said, “We don’t want to make the police mad.” Thankfully they saw me before the police interview. The police officer assured me he knew my client committed the crime but could not prove it because I would not let my client speak with them.


Because my client contacted me, tens of thousands of dollars were saved! More importantly – a great life was saved. Think about what my retired Judge friend said. I would not have been able to “unring the bell” if my client had talked to the police.

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