How to Prepare Before Leaving an Abusive Marriage

How to Prepare Before Leaving an Abusive Marriage

Twenty people are physically abused by an intimate partner in the US every minute. Domestic violence is unfortunately common in the US and can affect both men and women.

Abusive partners are often narcissistic and experts at gaslighting, making it difficult to realize their abusive nature initially. However, it is never too late to leave an abusive marriage and give yourself a chance to explore a better life.

If you are trapped in an abusive marriage and want to leave, the following are some preparations you can make to ensure your safety.

1. Start Putting Money Aside

People often remain stuck in abusive marriages because they do not have the finances to leave. Hence, start putting money aside secretly. Your partner cannot find out that you have spare finances. Abusive partners are often controlling; hence, ensure that your partner does not know you are saving separately.

2. Get Legal Help

Having an attorney on your side will significantly improve your chances of escaping from routine abuse and gaslighting. A lawyer will also guide you about documenting proof, allowing you to file for divorce and necessary protection if needed successfully.

Hence, schedule an appointment with an attorney as soon as possible.

3. Gather Proof of Abuse

Narcissism often allows abusive partners to lead a dual life. Publicly, they give the facade of being perfect partners. However, privately, they subject their partners to physical, emotional, and even sexual abuse.

Therefore, you should start gathering proof of abuse and document their abusive behavior, so you can submit the evidence in court if needed.

4. Secure Copies of Documents

You need to ensure that you have all your documents before you leave your abusive marriage. Your property documents, ID, marriage certificate, etc., are all important, and you need to have a copy of each in case your partner restricts access to the originals.

You will also need a cellphone, clothing, and personal items to manage right after you escape. If you fear your partner will harm your children, take them and their respective documents and belongings along.

Final Thoughts

Leaving an abusive marriage is difficult, but you can manage it with the right preparation and support. McCririe Law will do everything possible to help you escape your abusive marriage. Please get in touch with us at 810.229.6167, and we will walk you through the legal process.