Criminal Shows Center on the Suspect’s Interview – Here’s Why

Man watching TV

Do you ever find yourself watching one of the crime shows based on real-life cases like Dateline or Snapped, where the police conduct their investigation? Have you ever noticed or stopped to think that many of the shows are focused on the interviews of suspects? There is a reason for that – please let me explain.

Police & Prosecutors Love a Good Interview

Although criminal investigations have come a long way with DNA and other scientific tools, nothing takes the place of an interview and a confession. Police love it. Prosecutors love it even more!

Next time you are watching one of these types of shows, think to yourself, would the person have been convicted if they had not talked to the police? Most of the time, the answer is no. That is why the police conduct these investigations; it’s why they speak to or interrogate suspects. Think to yourself about how many times it is just one small piece of the puzzle or one location that was missing, and the person being questioned provides that one last piece of the puzzle.

Just Say NO to Interviews!

The police never tell the person they are questioning what they are looking for; as a matter of fact, they often lie about it.

For some reason, no matter how many times I say it, there is never a time you should allow yourself to be questioned by the police, even if you have not done anything wrong. People still do it. Think of all the cases we hear about in the news about people who spent years locked up for crimes they never committed. Truthfully, in my years as a prosecutor, I could never believe how many people confessed or gave the police the information they needed to convict themselves.

Contact McCririe Law Before You Talk

Watch these shows; people allow themselves to be questioned for hours, bullied for hours by the police. They don’t have to! Exercise your constitutional right to remain silent, and call me. My cell phone number is on my website. Please don’t talk to the police, talk to me! I have never seen a situation in 39 years where someone has been able to talk the police out of arresting them after they have confessed.