Expungement: The Second Chance

This month many people with convictions can receive a second chance at life. Beginning on April 11, the “clean slate” legislation goes into effect. This legislation first appeared in the Michigan Capitol last December. Michigan’s legislature passed a series of 7 bills that allows for the expungement of various convictions.

Eligibility and Requirements 

Various convictions can be expunged or taken off your record under the new law. Those eligible can petition to remove up to 3 felonies, an unlimited number of misdemeanors (including marijuana violations), and many driving offenses. The court application fee is $50, and a person applying for expungement must meet in front of a judge. Once probation is completed, the clock starts ticking! After a waiting period, applicants may begin the process. The waiting period depends on what class of offense is sought for expungement.

A Clean Slate

Expungement offers individuals the opportunity for better housing and employment. Currently, property management companies, landlords, and employers can refuse to rent or employ those with a criminal record. By wiping their criminal record clean, people have a fresh start at life and can provide for themselves and their families. They improve the quality of housing and employment. Employers often decline jobs to those with a criminal history. Expungement on this scale increases opportunities for individuals with a criminal history.

The Truth for Many

Many with convictions have committed the crimes in the past as younger, immature people. A majority may be ready to make changes and be productive citizens in society. At our office, we’ve seen convicted clients change in life and become more mature. They want to make something of themselves, serve their community, and have means for their family. Unfortunately, what they did in youth can continue to haunt them for the rest of their life. April 11 offers them hope for good change.

Who Can Help With Expungement

McCririe Law is committed to helping those that wish to get a second chance. We can help with the expungement process and walk you through every step of the way. Contact our attorneys to take the first step of a fresh start in life.