Do Yourself a Favor: Remain Silent!

Many of my clients never thought they would be in trouble if they converse with the police. That’s what the police want you to believe. I wish I could have told them – BEFORE they acted – what I will tell you in this article.

If you get questioned by the police, they will use many interview tactics you need to know before you talk to them. Remember first and foremost, whatever you do, NEVER TALK TO THE POLICE WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY PRESENT, EVEN IF YOU ARE INNOCENT. Remain silent! Call a criminal defense attorney before you talk to the police no matter what.

The police do not want you to talk to an attorney before you talk to them.

It is important to know that the police can and will LIE to you as part of their investigation. They will tell you that they will help you, not charge you, talk to the judge for you or talk to the prosecutor. Please dO NOT BELIEVE THEM; THEY ARE LYING.

It will work like this: The police will ask you what should happen to someone charged with what they are questioning you about; never answer that question. Your answer will be used against you in court. The police will ask you if you want to apologize to someone, do not answer. It will be used against you in court. Frankly, the prosecutor will tell the jury that innocent people don’t apologize. The police are trained investigators; they only ask questions that will hurt you.

This is my advice. Do not talk, remain silent – even if they put you in jail and even if you are innocent. Call an experienced criminal defense attorney from the jail. People ask, “Doesn’t it make me look guilty if I do not talk to the police?” My answer is this: If you talk to them, it will possibly be the biggest mistake of your life. Talking to the police during an investigation will never help you. It will only hurt you. Remain silent!

In my 39 years as an attorney, I have never seen anyone talk the police out of doing what they were going to do before starting the interview. I have seen every time someone talks to the police; it has only hurt them! Silence is golden in these situations. And, by all means, contact an attorney!