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Bill McCririe, Best Livingston County AttorneyAre you unhappy with your marriage? Did the process not work out the way you thought it would? Is mediation not working for you?

You’re not alone.

Divorce is a complicated, emotional and demanding matter, legally and personally. Dividing up one life into two — especially when there are children involved — is a difficult, emotionally wrenching process. Closing the door on a marriage opens another into a brave, new world; you may feel like you’re balancing on a tightrope with no net below to catch you.

Your final divorce decree can be just the beginning of a whole lot of fresh legal problems and personal frustrations. Your ex may demand changes in your custody agreement, or maybe violate it altogether. Perhaps you ex quits paying the child and spousal support you need to survive. You may feel powerless and alone as what you hoped would be a clean slate — a beginning on a new way of life — turns instead into an ugly, emotional battlefield.

You don’t have to fight this war alone. You can hire Bill McCririe to fight it for you.

He’s the tough, shrewd, seasoned, legal professional you need in your corner. A former Livingston County assistant prosecutor, Bill McCririe has thousands of hours of invaluable courtroom experience he’ll put to use fighting your post-divorce battles for you. He’s the secret weapon you need in your corner. He’s the lawyer not afraid to take your battle to court, and brave enough to do what it takes to protect your interests.