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Civil Litigation & Debtors Rights   arrow

Bill McCririe, Best Livingston County AttorneyBill McCririe is expert in all manner of civil litigation, from land use issues to post-divorce work and everything in between.

One civil area in which Bill McCririe specializes is that of debtor’s rights.

Maybe you’ve lost your job, amassed mounds of medical expenses or are finding yourself in dire financial straits. Finding yourself in excessive debt with no way out is a major source of stress that will leave you feeling panicked and scared.

Are bill collectors hounding you? Are you scared you’ll lose everything you’ve worked for all your life? Are you being sued to satisfy creditors? Is a foreclosure looming? Are you considering bankruptcy? Maybe your wages are being garnished and your bank accounts seized.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, realize that you don’t have to go through this alone. Bill McCririe can help you through the legal part of your financial nightmare.

Remember that you have legal rights as a debtor, rights that a tough, seasoned lawyer like Bill McCririe will ensure are respected. You also need someone to make sure creditors are following the letter of the law in dealing with your debt.

Did you know that there is a statute of limitations on debt collection? Did you know that creditors must follow the rules of conduct set forth by federal legislation and that you can actually sue collectors who violate these rules? Did you know there are alternatives to bankruptcy?

Bill McCririe knows all about this. He understands the rules and regulations of laws surrounding debtors, and he’s passionate about making sure collection agencies don’t violate them.

If you find yourself needing a tough, smart, vigorous lawyer working to preserve your rights as a debtor, call Bill McCririe.